“Winter” hall (120 seats)

Stylish colors, play of light and comfort give the hall a cosiness and a special charm. The interior has a lot of greenery, decorative elements made of natural materials such as handmade designer lampshades.

One of the pleasures of the winter hall is the observation of preparing your own order in the open kitchen.

Terrace” hall (200 seats)

Terrace – the main hall of the restaurant. There is a music scene where we regularly carry out our events, music evenings, and concerts.

Mobile screens and good zoning make this place perfect for large companies as well as for private meetings.

Thanks to panoramic windows, which are open during the warmer months, you can enjoy the view of the summer terrace with a pond.

Summer terrace

Our guests adore this place in the summer months. Have a seat on the soft pillow on wicker chairs, watch the game of golden carps and enjoy delicious cocktails from the open bar.

Children’s room

Young visitors will find a spacious children’s room with a labyrinth, game consoles and an area for creativity.